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April 19, 2006
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-:Colors of the heart:- by Lasaro -:Colors of the heart:- by Lasaro
i just wanted to try make hair in a "oily" painted feeling XD;; was just playing around but some how liked it XD;; so i promised i would finish it for her:heart: soo here you goo..
a little sad picture with a blondie bishie XD;;

+im happy really, cant you see im smiling. why is it so hard to hide the facts that we are hurted. even if we smile some how our eyes will show it. some how they will always show us the real color of our heart +

time - about.. 5-6H only XD;; its a small project a small pice so its simple ^^;
progra, - opencanvas 3.03 plus

UVERworld - rush
UVERworld- Colors ofthe heart
UVERworld - toki no namida
UVERworl - D-techno life
Bump of a chicken - Karma

5 in the morning andi start to work soon XD yeesh.. -dropps dead- T_T my throut ( cant spell) hurts cant speak and i have a running nooose... how can things get better XD -sneezing and crawls back to bed-

Thank you for your time X3 hope its not to bright colors XD;; not used to use bright colors
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Rinn-Sama Jun 28, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Pretty! ^^
kawaii! love it! :)))
absolutely astounding the background looks prestigious and nostalgic the eyes get your attention and i presume that's how you wanted it to be so great job i love how you were perfectly able to draw the hair around the ear the line of the neck on the far left where those 2 strings to the necklace look a lil suspicious to me ya know off and the chin line looks good i love this piece the thing that went best with it was that entire sentence in the authors comment after bishie because in my opinion the eyes windows to the very inner being of someone where they tell no lies that will at times leave you in a state of being surprised chk out some of my poems as well unsure if they could appeal to you
Yet another fave. ^_^
he looks so cute, and I love the little blush on his face :] and the light colors look amazing
I love this..
This is great, awesome, colors, eyes, everything, I just cant do anything else than stare this. Love it.

awww...i love how u did the cherryblossomtrees in the background..:)
OH WOW THAT'S AMAZING. that's all i have to say, this is just too good for words!

haha, i'm born and raised in the U.S and english is my only language, but i can't spell that either.

and i was in the spelling bee, too.
you di wonderful with still having the shading but still keep the color so light-gorgeous:)
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